Business Case Study: JK Group: A Case Study of Conglomerate Strategy

JK Group, founded in 1918, as a Conglomerate of businesses, has around $4 billion (Rs 32,000 Crore) annual revenue in FY2023. They are into cement, auto motive, auto component, tyre, argi seeds, dairy, financial services, and paper industries. The company […]

Business Case Study: Tata-Starbucks Strategy: A Case Study of Rs 1,000 Crore Worth Coffee

Tata-Starbucks, a coffee retailer, is a Joint Venture Between Tata Beverages and Starbucks Coffee Company of US entered into India in 2012 by opening an Outlet in Mumbai. As on FY2023, it completed 10 years of presence in India marking […]

Business Case Study: A Case Study of Turnaround Strategies of Business Organizations

A business encounters challenges because of internal/external environment at any stage of a business life cycle. Some of the environmental interventions/challenges encountered will be in control of the organization and some won’t be in the control of the organization. Thus, […]