Business Case Study: J.K.Rowling: A Case Study of $1 billion Authorship

J.K.Rowling, being one among the top earning authors, could cross her net worth more than $1 billion (Rs 9,000 crore), as on July 2023. She could create the Harry Potter Universe as well based on her novels.Her authorship attracted kids, […]

Research Insight: on Entrepreneurship Research: History and Direction

Entrepreneurship, as a stream of business management, has gained lot of traction over the past 3 to 4 decades with respect to the research in that area. Several themes and sub-themes evolved in entrepreneurship research. This specific research insight highlights […]

Conference Insight: on Technology, Innovation and Commercialization

Protecting the technology developed during inception stage of a startup is very important. Utilization of technology depends on the knowledge of intellectual property. The entrepreneur should identify the possible patentable technology among whatever they developed and try to protect it […]

Research Insight: A Failed Research on Entrepreneurial Intention

This time I thought, I should share some of my lessons learned from one of my recent research survey (2020) on Entrepreneurial Intention of Undergraduate Business Administration Students; Lessons learned are interesting; It explains the care we need to take […]

Conference Insight: 1st World Entrepreneurship Summit @ Bangalore – Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

This blog describes the insights from 1st World Entrepreneurship Summit held at Bangalore, India on February 02, 2019; (Organized by Global Entrepreneurship Grid and NHCE, Bangalore). This was an insightful event; I came across different speakers from different walks of […]