Speech Insight: Role of Management in Economic Development

This speech insight is basically the speech I delivered online as chief guest at an Event UTCHRISTA at CHRIST University, Bangalore in the Month of March 2022. Because of the technical glitches, I could deliver the speech online partially only. […]

Speech Insight: On Welfare Economics: Lessons from Nobel Works

Over a period of time Economics Nobel Laurates studied and researched in many areas including Macro Economics, Consumption, Economic Policy Making, Micro Financing, Global Equity Markets, Market Capitalization, Wealth Building, Poverty, Developmental Economics, Welfare Economics, Political Economics, Human Development, and […]

Industry Insight: Industrial and Management Developments for Economic Growth

This specific industry insight highlights the recent developments in the world and particularly Indian industrial development; and how they are going to help Indian economy in reaching its target. Several industrial developments, innovative practices, and approaches followed during 2020-22 have […]

Industry Insight: on Global Automobile Industry and Mobility

Goparaju Purna Sudhakar, PhD, PMP http://www.gpsudhakar.com The $3 trillion global automobile industry is making lot of innovations with respect to electric vehicles, battery technologies, automobile semiconductor chips for autonomous driving and driver support services, and embedded cellular technologies into automobile […]