A business encounters challenges because of internal/external environment at any stage of a business life cycle. Some of the environmental interventions/challenges encountered will be in control of the organization and some won’t be in the control of the organization. Thus, this time, a Strategy related case study was presented as a business insight. Following Business Insight presents the Organization, the Challenges it encountered and the turnaround strategies applied by the organization. The turnaround strategies applied gives useful insights for the business executives/learners. All the firms specified were Listed companies. The Challenges Encountered were having some effect (+ve or -ve) or the other on the share price/market capitalization of the company. However, these are the practical turnaround strategies a business organization can incorporate in its maturity stage of the business/when encountered challenges.

Table-1: Business Turnaround Strategies

Sl.No.Business OrganizationChallenge Encountered/ Reason for FailureTurnaround Strategy Applied
1.Air India (2022)i) Encountered Financial Losses ii) Debt Burdena) Privatized the Firm b) Tata Group Acquired the Firm c) More focus on Product/On Time Perform of Services
2.Paytm (2022)i) Needs to Generate Return on Investment (RoI) for its Investors ii) Share Prices went Down in November 2022 iii) Faced RBI regulation for its Paytm Payments Banka) Strengthened Offline Payments b) Disbursed Loans worth $443 Million c) Races towards Operational Profitability
3.Future Retail (2022)i) Unable to Payoff its Debt ii) Undergoing Insolvency Resolutiona) Business was sold to Reliance Retail
4.Fortis Healthcare (2022)i) Encountered Financial Distress ii) Capital was Very Much Neededa) Focused on Cost Optimization b) Scaling up the Business Incrementally c) Malaysian IHH acquired Fortis Healthcare d) Launched “100 Day” Turnaround Plan
5.Yes Bank (2021)i) Challenges Encountered in Raising Capital ii) Retaining Deposits became a Challenge iii) Encountered Difficulty in Recovering Bad Loads iv) Assets were Stressed v) Cost Optimization/Cost Control became a Challengea) SBI (State Bank of India) Purchased 26% stake (725 Crore Shares) in the Company b) Investor Sentiment Became Optimistic c) Shown Remarkable Progress/Turnaround in the Year
6.Ford India (2021)i) Announced Shutdown of its Manufacturing Plants in Indiaa) Tata Electric Vehicles Firm acquired Sanand, Gujarat Manufacturing Plant for Rs 725 Crore b) Also Acquired Employees of the Plant c) Reoriented the Strategy towards Profit and Value Oriented Business
7.SUN Pharma (2021)i) Faced US FDA Regulation related to Prevention of Drug Contamination in their Manufacturing Process ii) Encountered Drug Price Collision Challenge in USA iii) Investors Thought that Promoter Entered into Non-Core Business Areas such as Solar Energy/Oil & Gas Industriesa) Increased RoI (Return on Investment) for Investments b) Focused on Robust Core Business Growth c) Sale of Covid Related Products d) Strengthened Global Product Portfolio  
8.Cafe Coffee Day (2019/2020)i) Could not Recover Because of Accumulated Debta) Cash Concentration was done b) Disbursed Money to Lenders on an Incremental Basis c) Cost Optimization was also done
9.Nestle Maggi Noodles (2015)i) Encountered Challenge of Excessive Levels of Certain Substance in its Products ii) Led to Multiple Market Withdrawals and Encountered Investigation in Indiaa) Came out of Regulatory Challenge with Necessary Actions b) Deflation/Low Raw Material Prices Supported Re-bounce c) Gained Lost Market Back within a Year
10.Ranbaxy (2015)i) Challenge was Manufactured Low Margin Products/Over the Counter Products ii) Encountered US FDA regulations iii) Some of its Generics Manufacturing Plants were asked to Shutdown iv) Quality related Challenges also Encountereda) Merged with SUN Pharma in 2015

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Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar



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