Business Research Services portfolio includes: 


  • Business/Management Research: Different areas of Management such as Human Resources, Talent Management, Project Management, Marketing, Operations, IT management, Economics, and General Management research comprises literature review, conceptual model development, instrument/questionnaire development, conducting online surveys, data analysis using MS Excel, SPSS, drawing graphs, bringing insights from data analysis, and making recommendations to CEO/COO/CMO/CPO/CKO of organizations.
  • Conducting Primary and Secondary Research: Primary or empirical research includes hypothesis proving using online questionnaires, case studies, and observation techniques. Secondary Research is based on literature review of already published and publicly available newspapers, journals, books, and industry reports.
  • Content Development: For a given topic sub-topics/concepts are identified and content is developed in the form of research reports, articles, and journal papers. The content includes tables, Figures/Diagrams, Caselets, and model diagrams depicting the conceptual relationships.
  • Curriculum Design: Curriculum for any university course or e-learning program of any organization in industry is developed by first going through 4 to 5 institutions curriculums, current research in that discipline and the industry practices in that specific area.
  • Industry Analysis: Industry analysis specific to countries, regions, and global is done for different industries such as niche areas in IT, finance, cement, steel, construction, retail, manufacturing, FMCG, etc. The analysis report comprises market size, growth rates, market segmentation, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, top players, and industry trends.
  • Competition Analysis: Competition analysis for a product or organization is done by comparing financial details, SWOT analysis, features comparison, etc. Michael E. Porter’s 5-Forces Model is used for strategic competition analysis. 
  • Business Analysis: Using BSC (Balanced Score Card) approach a business/departmental performance is evaluated and compared with industry benchmarks. It includes perspectives such as Financial, Internal Business Process, Learning and Development, and Customer Perspective.
  • Business Research Reports: Based on the primary/secondary research or based on already published secondary sources business research reports are developed. Business research report can be the outcome of a survey, consolidation of industry practices or a case study observation in an organization.
  • Case Studies Development: It is nothing but developing an organizational story comprising series of events happened at specific period of time. It includes organizational context, challenges faced, stakeholders involved, risk/problems encountered and the solution (if any) implemented by the organization. Industry level case studies are developed to highlight the industry turnarounds and depict the transitions in industry life cycles.
  • Publishing Research Papers: These are specific to publishing in journals or organizational newsletters. Papers are developed in different areas of management and business studies such as Business Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Project Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, IT Management, Economics, Business Intelligence, Talent Management, General Management, Research Methodologies, etc.

Domains: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, IT, Construction, Pharma, Chemical, Auto, Manufacturing, Cement, Steel, Oil and Gas, Energy, Retail, FMCG, etc.