Research Insight: on Entrepreneurship Research: History and Direction

Entrepreneurship, as a stream of business management, has gained lot of traction over the past 3 to 4 decades with respect to the research in that area. Several themes and sub-themes evolved in entrepreneurship research. This specific research insight highlights […]

Experiential Insight: on Conducting Case Study Session

There are different ways in which one can conduct Case Study Discussions/Exercises while teaching Business Management to UG/PG (Under Graduate/Post Graduate) learners. The Case Discussion brings out the Practical Aspects in dealing with a Business Problem. To Conduct Case Discuss/Workshop, […]

Speech Insight: Role of Management in Economic Development

This speech insight is basically the speech I delivered online as chief guest at an Event UTCHRISTA at CHRIST University, Bangalore in the Month of March 2022. Because of the technical glitches, I could deliver the speech online partially only. […]

Conference Insight: on Technology, Innovation and Commercialization

Protecting the technology developed during inception stage of a startup is very important. Utilization of technology depends on the knowledge of intellectual property. The entrepreneur should identify the possible patentable technology among whatever they developed and try to protect it […]

Research Insight: Relationship Between Powers of an Individual @Office and @Home

I thought I should make some innovation; that made me to develop an infographic title “Research Insight: Relationship Between Powers of an Individual @Office and @Home” based on a Primary Research I have Conducted recently (basically a minor research study). […]

Speech Insight: On Welfare Economics: Lessons from Nobel Works

Over a period of time Economics Nobel Laurates studied and researched in many areas including Macro Economics, Consumption, Economic Policy Making, Micro Financing, Global Equity Markets, Market Capitalization, Wealth Building, Poverty, Developmental Economics, Welfare Economics, Political Economics, Human Development, and […]

Conference Insight: Dealing with Project Stakeholders

A Project in any industry effects several stakeholders such as Customers, Vendors, Team Members, Project Manager, Senior Management, Banks/Financial Institutions, Government and Regulatory bodies. These stakeholders have power, influence, and authority; and can effect positively or negatively the project outcome. […]