Business Case Study: J.K.Rowling: A Case Study of $1 billion Authorship

J.K.Rowling, being one among the top earning authors, could cross her net worth more than $1 billion (Rs 9,000 crore), as on July 2023. She could create the Harry Potter Universe as well based on her novels.Her authorship attracted kids, […]

Business Case Study: Ayodhya Ram Mandir: A Case Study of Project Management

Monday 22nd, January 2024, is a historical moment for India. On that day, Ayodhya Ram Mandir’s Ram Lalla idol consecration took place. Ayodhya Ram Mandir, an ambitious project idea for over 50 years, could become reality in January 2024. The […]

Business Case Study: Landmark Cars: A Case Study of 1st Listed Car Dealer in India

Landmark Cars, a car dealer in India, became the 1st BSE/NSE listed car dealership in India. As on 2023, it has more than 117 outlets in India. It sells brands such as Honda, Jeep, Volkswagen, BYD, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz in […]

Business Case Study: Go First Airlines: Not Only Project Related, But Technical Reasons Also: A Case Study of Business Pause

Post 2021, Indian Airline Sector market capitalization and equity valuations have been very optimistic (to compare with 2015-2020); and the stock prices were zooming for multiple players in this segment. Despite positivity in equity markets, recently in May 2023, Economy […]

Business Case Study: Vinata Aeromobility: A Case Study of Asia’s First Hybrid Flying Car

For the First Time in Asian History, Chennai Based Vinata Aeromobility Could Develop Asia’s First Flying Car and it was scheduled to be Launched at London High-Tech Exhibition-Excel in 2021. Vinata was Planning to Commercially Launch this Flying Car by […]

Business Case Study: MRF: A Case Study of Most Priced Indian Stock

For the First Time in Indian Stock Market History, MRF (Madras Rubber Factory Ltd) share has crosses Rs 1,00,000 mark on June 13, 2023. It is the most priced stock of all times in Indian Stock Market. With this affordability […]

Business Case Study: JK Group: A Case Study of Conglomerate Strategy

JK Group, founded in 1918, as a Conglomerate of businesses, has around $4 billion (Rs 32,000 Crore) annual revenue in FY2023. They are into cement, auto motive, auto component, tyre, argi seeds, dairy, financial services, and paper industries. The company […]

Business Case Study: JSW Steel: A Case Study of Becoming 2nd Largest Steel Producer in India

JSW steel is the 2nd largest Steel Producer in India. In 2022-23 Q4, it reported revenues of Rs 46,962 crore. Its production capacity is growing at an annual growth rate of 7% to 8%. As on 2023, JSW Steel has […]

Business Case Study: Tata-Starbucks Strategy: A Case Study of Rs 1,000 Crore Worth Coffee

Tata-Starbucks, a coffee retailer, is a Joint Venture Between Tata Beverages and Starbucks Coffee Company of US entered into India in 2012 by opening an Outlet in Mumbai. As on FY2023, it completed 10 years of presence in India marking […]

Business Case Study: Mission One Million: A Story of Hero Electric Partnership with Mahindra & Mahindra

As on 2023, Indian 2-Wheeler Market Size is estimated to be around $16 billion. By 2028, Indian 2-Wheeler Market Size is expected to grow to $26 billion. It is growing at compound annual growth rate of 10%. Coming to Electric […]