Consulting services include:


Organization’s CEO/managerial challenges/problems/opportunities can be addressed using following consulting services:

  • Industry Analysis: identifies market size, growth areas, growth rates, market segmentation, top players, etc.
  • Competition Analysis: does SWOT analysis and uses 5-Competing Forces model of Michael E. Porter;
  • Business Analysis: Analyses a business using financial, internal business process, customer, and learning perspectives.
  • Market Analysis: includes market size, players, competing products, prices, etc.
  • Market Segmentation: based on region, country, and product; market segmentation is done.
  • Business Intelligence based on Secondary Research: based on internet research and primary/secondary research business intelligence is prepared.
  • Internet based Research: Using internet customers, competition, social perspectives about specific products are analysed.
  • Data Analytics using MS-Excel: Different graphs (bar graphs, pie graphs, line graphs, trend graphs) are drawn and statistical calculations such as correlation, regression; mean, mode and median are computed using MS-Excel.
  • Project Selection Methods: Payback Period, Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), are used to select a project from a portfolio of projects. Project Prioritization tool such as Impact-Importance Matrix is used.
  • Project Evaluation/Health Checks: This can be done using Earned Value techniques; Product Performance, or Project Management Performance by measuring deviations in time, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction.

 Domains: Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Education, Healthcare, IT, Construction, Pharma, Chemical, Auto, Manufacturing, Cement, Steel, Oil and Gas, Energy, Retail, FMCG, etc.