Organizations are assessing the impact of their decisions before implementing in the real scenario to avoid the costly mistakes. Simulation is one the technique which is useful to organizations in this context. This specific Conference Insight based on Couple of Conferences held in January 2022, highlights the Importance of Simulation and Other Areas of Development for the 21st Century Organizations.

Simulation as an Organizational Tool: Currentday Organizations are using Simulation as a Technique for Assessing Quality of Decision before they actually implement it in the Organization. Related to it the trends include simulating the decision in controlled environment, gamification whereever possible, and to make on demand decisions. The advantages with the decision simulation include the risk avoidance, knowing the quality of decision in prior, assessing the skill of the decision maker. Simulating the decision also increases the confidence level of the management in organization; which helps them in smooth transition to decision implementation. Simulation can be done in an individual employee environment or in group environment. Simulation has the capacity to generate different alternatives to real-life scenarios.

Simulation provides learning to management team, an opportunity to revisit the decision, and helps in taking a decision of “go” or “no go” about decision implementation. Simulation provides applied learning. It is experimental in nature. Gives an opportunity to try new things and new scenarios. It is useful to overcome the challenges coming with decision implementation in an organizational environment. The simulation technique can be used in areas such as market expansion decisions, entrepreneurial investment decisions, industrial economic projections, etc. Managers should have the needed knowledge in alternatives development.

Benefits of Simulation to Organization: Simulationgives Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving Skills, makes use of Logic, gives Collaboration Skills, Analytical Skills and Creativity. Simulation also provides experiential learning.

For Decision Simulation: Data collection is very important. Digital Analytics and Web Analytics are to be gathered. Great Decision making requires proper data collection from both internal and external environments of the Organization. To Improve the Decision quality, information sharing is very much important among Different Stakeholders. One more important point is one should also assess the social impact of the organizational decision. Management should keep in mind the Triple bottom line of the business: “Planet, People and Profit”. 

Areas of Improvement for Organizations in 21st Century: There is need for Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, and Managing Uncertainty. Individuals should be able to work in multiple functions and in flexible work environments. Organizations should understand the importance of Reuse and Recycle; and its contribution to the environment. Less water or minimal water, the concept being used in Urban Construction Projects, can be replicated in other industrial areas as well. Research and Development should increase the efforts in emerging markets needed to suit the demands coming from the world economy. Low cost technology developments from emerging markets can definitely help the other dependent sectors of the entire world increasing productivity and performance of the industries; generating innovative products. This can save lot of money; contributes to economic growth with less cost investments. The growth of R&D can contribute to the societal development making “Life is Good” with more products of utility.

Ability to Think, Ability of Adopt to New Technologies, Ability to Learn, Scaling Up High Quality Product Development is required to increase customer loyalty and for sustainability. Organizations should be able to build the needed capacity filling the gaps in respective economies.

Overall, the Management decision making, Simulating Decisions, and Focusing on Alternatives Development with focus on Triple bottom lines of business can give positive outlook for the business organizations. 

Thank You. Happy New Year.

Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar



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