Modern Management Insights (Vol. 9): Economics and Entrepreneurship


Article Title: Modern Management Insights (Vol. 9): Economics and Entrepreneurship
Product Code: SHORT010
Year of Publication: 2024
No. of Pages: 9 (nine pages)
File Format: PDF
Modern Management Insights brings Insights from Different Business Management Contemporary Topics, Different Industries, Speeches of Popular Personalities, Learnings from Experiences, and Different Conferences on Business Management and Economics. Vol.9 of the Modern Management Insights Provides a Speech Insight on my own Speech at One of the Events relating Economy, Industries and Management; Research Trends and Insights on What Direction Entrepreneurship Research is Going on in 21st Century; a Flash Note Presenting Concepts and Conceptual Linkages pictorially on Economics for Managers; and Post 2000, as the Global Economy is Growing, not only the big data and the Physical Wastes are also adding to the Environment; To Protect the Environment and also convert the Risk of Waste Generation into Opportunity, I Presented an Infographic on What kind of Products can be Developed by Recycling and Reusing Waste; Focused on Generating Wealth From Waste by Developing a Portfolio of Products from Different Materials. Also Vol.9 of Modern Management Insights Presents and Industrial Insight Explaining the Growing Sectors in the Current Economic Scenario. Overall the topics in Vol. 9 of Modern Management Insights Focused on Economics and Entrepreneurship, which are the Main Drivers of Business World.


1. Speech Insight: Role of Management in Economic Development 2
2. Research Insight: on Entrepreneurship Research: History and Direction 5
3. Flash Note: Economics for Managers 7
4. Industry Insight: Wealth from Waste 8
5. Industry Insight: Growing Sector Contributing to Indian Economy: IT Industry 9

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