IGNOU MBA Sem-IV 2022 MS91 MS97 Solved Assignments


Product Name: IGNOU MBA Sem-IV 2022 MS91 MS97 Solved Assignments
Product Code: BOOK023

Product Description: This specific product consists of the IGNOU MBA Semester-IV Courses Solved Assignments. Following Courses Solved Assignments are included in this ebook:

MS91: Advanced Strategic Management
MS97: International Business
The respective Assignment Question Paper is also included as part of this ebook.

Author: Goparaju Purna Sudhakar
Number of Pages: 59
Year of Publication: 2024
File Format: PDF

Actually this is a hand written assignment answers (not typed ones); then scanned and PDF file is uploaded here; however, content is original; comprises images, figures and diagrams wherever important. This is useful not only to MBA students but also as a general management learning to engineers, business managers, and working executives.

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