This time, I will present important insights from a primary research study/survey I conducted in 2021.

Research Question: In this specific research study, I started with a research question; which I asked the respondents is, “In Your Opinion, among the following factors, Which Factor(s) Impact Team Performance”. The respondents were provided with 11 different factors impacting team performance in an organizational environment from different areas such as Organization Specific Factors, Team Specific Factors, Environment Specific Factors, Social Factors and Technical Factors.

Conceptual Model: Basically, the conceptual model comprises the dependent variable, Team Performance; and independent variable Factors Impacting Team Performance (11 items). The 11 items/Factors impacting team performance considered as independent variables include Organization Structure, Organization Culture, Team Diversity, Team Climate, Social Factors, Political Factors, Economic Factors, Legal Factors, Project Hardware, Project Software, and Tools Used in Project.

Data Collection: The questionnaire comprising 11 items (in a form of check boxes) is administered over 24 respondents, who are my session participants. All the respondents are from India. Here data is collected using an online survey by providing questionnaire weblink; Only independent variables data is collected; the dependent variable, that is measuring Team Performance was not collected from respondents.

Data Analysis: Then, from the excelsheet, (frequency count) that is, number of responses in each Individual item is summed up, to find the top-3 factors contributing to Team Performance in respondents’ perception. Basically, with respect to research, the perception of respondents may differ from the actual statistically correlated factors with team performance. Because of this reason, the average of all 11 items for each respondent is finding out, getting the Team Performance value for each respondent. Then, Top-3 factors actually correlated to the Team Performance is find out using correlation (by finding correlation between 11 independent variables and 1 dependent calculated variable, i.e., team performance). Similarly, regression is applied with 11 independent items and by keeping team performance as dependent variable. The statistical findings follow:

Research Findings:

1) Top-3 Factors Contributing to Team Performance in Respondents Perception:

In respondents perception, out of 24 respondents, top-3 factors contributing to team performance include Organization Structure (19 respondents), Economic Factors (18 respondents) and Team Diversity (18 respondents). Social Factors and Organization Culture are the 4th and 5th Factors contributing to Team Performance in respondents’ perception/opinion.

2) Top-3 Actually Correlated Factors (Statistically) with Team Performance:

After calculated the Team Performance by taking average of all 11 items for each respondent, correlation between 11 items and team performance finds that top-3 factors actually correlated with Team Performance (high correlation) include Organization Culture (Correlation Coefficient: 0.79944); Social Factors (Correlation Coefficient: 0.72260) and Tools Used in Project (Correlation Coefficient: 0.70693). Similarly, Regression results indicate (p<0.05) for all the 11 items considered in the study; indicating that all the 11 factors effect Team Performance.

3) Other Interesting Findings Related to Teams:

Other findings, based on inter-item correlations of 11 items indicate that:

a) There is strong correlation between Economic Factors and Organization Structure; Economic Factors and Team Diversity; Economic Factors and Social Factors.

b) There is moderate to strong correlation (correlation Coefficient: 0.5) between Organization Culture and Team Climate; Organization Culture and Legal Factors; and Organization Culture and Project Software.

c) There is Strong Correlation between Project Software and Tools Used in the Project.

d) There is no relationship between Organization Structure and Political Factors; similarly, There is no relationship between Organization Structure and Tools Used in the Project (negative correlation coefficient values). Similarly, there is no relationship between Political Factors and Project Hardware.

Summary: Thus, this specific research finds that top-3 factors actually correlated to team performance include Organization Culture, Social Factors and Tools Used in the Project. So, at macro level, the Culture built at Organization Level can impact the performance of each project, the Organization is working on. Hence, Culture building is top priority for Organizations across the world for meeting their organizational Objectives and Goals.

Hope This specific research is Useful;

Best Wishes in Your Team Journey,

Dr. Goparaju Purna Sudhakar, PhD, PMP


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