Technological & Research Trends in Computer Science


PowerPoint Presentation Title:  Technological & Research Trends in Computer Science

Year of Publication: 2018

No. of Slides/Pages: 41   (forty one pages)

Abstract:  This PPT describes:

  1. Technological Trends comprising Requirements Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Architectural Advancements, Developments in Software Design, Advancements in Programming Languages, Advancements in Operating Systems, and Advancements in Mobile Operating Systems are covered. Software Test Advancements, Varying Software Goals over decades, Different types of product testing, Hardware Advancements, Modern Project Management Philosophy, Advancements in Project Management from Practice point of view, Project Management Tools, and Current Trends in Product Engineering are discussed.
  2. Research Trends in Computer Science discusses Research advancements, Current Research Topics, Emerging Research Areas in Project Management, and Research Projects @ MIT, USA.
  3. Overview of Indian IT Industry provides an industry snapshot, Indian IT Industry sectors, Indian software industry players, Well Known Software Products from India, and Software Organizations Working Models.

File Format: Microsoft PPT

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