HRIS Functional Applications


PowerPoint Presentation Title:  HRIS Functional Applications

Year of Publication: 2019

No. of Slides: 47  (Forty seven slides)

Abstract:  This PPT describes HRIS functional applications such as Compensation, Benefits, Training and Development, Payroll, and Employment Management;

i) Compensation: discusses different roles of compensation, job evaluation, advantages of computerization of compensation function, relationship with other HRIS functional applications.

ii) Benefits: discusses role of benefits in human resources, tasks carried out by benefits staff, types of benefits; examples of time, risk, security benefits; advantages of computerizing benefits function, and flexible benefits in HRMS;

iii) Training and Development: explains role of training and development function, most common training activities, different training courses, advantages of computerising training module, data sources, etc;

iv) Payroll Function: discusses role of payroll function, advantages of computerization of payroll, computerization processes, automation approaches, standalone payroll and integrated payroll systems;

v) Employment Management: explains components of employment management, employee profile contents; and a brief of internal reports, employment activity reports, and recruiter reports;

File Format: Microsoft PPT

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