Is Technology Killing the Personal Finance?


Article Title: Is Technology Killing Personal Finance

Year of Publication: 2017

No. of Pages: 2 (two pages)

Indian IT industry has seen double digit growth rate continuously for over two decades. It has made many millionaires (some Rupee millionaires/some Dollar millionaires) may be through stock options, profit sharing, hefty bonuses, or fat pay packages. How many of these engineers working in IT industry have made their hard earned money into right investments over these two decades time? Some of the engineers have don’t even have time to physically look at his house or apartment, he or she is going to buy. Now more tragedy is online purchase of houses/apartments is also possible in current days. With the advent of telephone banking or over the counter, the engineers choose the mutual funds or shares advised by the financial adviser in bank without their personal research. Some are even getting cheated in real estate investments because of lack of awareness. Is it the time to rethink and educate these engineers for their future financial safety and security?

This article describes the current trend, right investments and tax saving instruments for working engineers.