Manuscript Editing and Professional Proof reading services can be provided in English. This is to improve the chances of acceptance of your paper/research report/thesis by business organizations, Journals, academic institutions and book publishers.

Manuscript Editing Services: Following services are provided:

  1. Editing Services: as per the required Journal Standard
  2. Proof Reading Services: checks authenticity and relevance as per subject area
  3. Document Review Services: includes technical and structural review; review comments will be provided;
  4. Plagiarism Checking Service: done manually using search engines on Internet; not using a software tool; (this is more stringent)
  5. Plagiarism Removal Services: required pages are corrected to increase uniqueness of content

Document Types: Covers documents such as manuscripts, thesis, dissertations, letters, books, journal articles, technical reports, abstracts, posters, conference papers, course materials, business documents, guides and manuals.

Subject Areas: All areas of Business and Management, Information Systems, Economics, & Social Sciences.


Editing + Proofreading Service:       (US$19/1000 words)

Document Review Service:               (US$12/1000 words)

Plagiarism Checking Service:           (US$12/1000 words)

Plagiarism Removal Service:            (US$39/1000 words)

(Additional 5% GST will be applicable)

Authors are hereby encouraged to email their manuscript/document in MS word format to; An acknowledgement email will be sent to author.