All Project Management Knowledge Areas – SLIDES


PowerPoint Presentation Title:  NINE Project Management Knowledge Areas- SLIDES – (Also Useful for PMI-PMP Preparation)

Year of Publication: 2016

No. of SLIDES: 9 (nine) separate PPT Files;

Total: 193 (One hundred and ninety three) Slides;


This set of files describes project time management, project cost management, project scope management, project quality management, project human resources management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management and project integration management.

  • Project Integration Management: covers project management processes such as develop project charter, develop project management plan, direct and manage project execution, monitor and control project work, and perform integrated change control.
  • Project Scope Management: describes the project management processes such as define scope, collect requirements, create WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), control scope, and verify scope.
  • Project Time Management: explains the processes such as identify project activities, sequence activities, understand activity dependencies, estimate activity durations, estimate required resources and develop schedule.
  • Project Cost Management: describes project management processes such as estimate costs, determine budget and control costs. It explains the earned value management formulas. It describes the contingency and management reserves.
  • Project Quality Management: explains the project management processes such as plan quality, perform quality assurance and perform quality control. It distinguishes between quality assurance and quality control.
  • Project Human Resource Management: discusses the processes such as develop HR plan, acquire project team, develop project team, manage project team. It discusses several practical aspects of teams.
  • Project Communications Management: describes the project communications model, communications management with processes such as identify stakeholders, plan communications, distribute information, manage stakeholder expectations, and report performance.
  • Project Risk Management: describes the project management processes such as plan risk management, risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, risk factors, risk response strategies and RBS (Risk Breakdown Structure).
  • Project Procurements Management: knowledge area describes the project management processes such as plan procurements, conduct procurements, administer procurements and close procurements.

Download: a ZIP File consisting of 9 (nine) PPT files