Entrepreneurship, as a stream of business management, has gained lot of traction over the past 3 to 4 decades with respect to the research in that area. Several themes and sub-themes evolved in entrepreneurship research. This specific research insight highlights different areas of research taking place in entrepreneurship such as Entrepreneur Skills and Competencies, Entrepreneurial Team, Stakeholders, Enterprise Valuation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Success, Enterprise Performance, Enterprise Success, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship at National Level.

Broadly, Entrepreneurship research comprised the areas such as:

  1. Entrepreneur Skills and Competencies:
  • Effect of Entrepreneur’s Conflict Management on Venture Effectiveness
  • Demographic Factors of an Entrepreneur and Enterprise Success
  • Leader Behavior and Its Impact on Startup Innovation Capability
  • Entrepreneurial Skills and Competencies
  • Leader Behavior and Its Impact on Startup Scalability
  • Entrepreneurship in Remote and Rural Areas
  • Entrepreneur Attitude, Behavior and Enterprise Performance
  • Factors Effecting Entrepreneurial Intention

2. Entrepreneurial Team, Stakeholders and Enterprise:

  • Team Capabilities and Enterprise Success
  • Team Diversity and Its Impact on Innovation and Financial Performance of a Startup
  • Factors Contributing to Promoters Stake Reduction in Venture
  • Impact of Entrepreneurial Network on Enterprise Performance

3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • Impact of Innovation on Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Diversity and Its Relation to Idea Generation for a Startup
  • Impact of Organization Culture on Innovation and Productivity of a Venture
  • Relationship Between Intellectual Property Capital and IPO success
  • Intellectual Property and Enterprise Performance

4. Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Effect of Gender on Entrepreneurial Success
  • Impact of Innovative Business Models on Entrepreneurial Success
  • Effect of Leadership Skills on Entrepreneurial Success
  • Effect of Childhood and Schooling on Entrepreneurial Success
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneur Success

5. Enterprise Performance and Success:

  • Factors Restricting Growth of an Enterprise in a Growing Economy
  • Effect of Supply Chain Management Capability on Enterprise Success
  • Effect of CEO Competency and Skills on Profitability of a Firm
  • Success Factors of a Startup Venture
  • Effect of Project Selection Method on Enterprise Profitability
  • Impact of Startup Tenure on Financial Performance of the Firm
  • Impact of Business Location on Startup Performance
  • Relationship Between Startup Tenure and Market Capitalization
  • Effect of Market Conditions on Marketing Mix
  • Challenges in Going Global for an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise)
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy and its impact on Enterprise Performance
  • Impact of Resources on Enterprise Success
  • Impact of Financing on Enterprise Success

6. Entrepreneurship at National Level:

  • Impact of Political Stability of a Country on Entrepreneurship Success
  • Relationship Between Number of Unicorns Generated and GDP Growth Rate
  • Effect of Entrepreneurship on Employment Generation in a Country
  • Effect of Entrepreneurship on Unemployment Rate in a Country
  • Relationship Between Literacy Rate and Startups Growth in a Country
  • Effect of Entrepreneurial Training on Growth of Entrepreneurship in a Country
  • Impact of Social Entrepreneurship on Human Development Index
  • Impact of Entrepreneurship on Economic Development

Further now-a-days entrepreneurship research spanning into macros areas and relating to macro-economic concepts such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Market Capitalization, Number of Startups, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Venture Capital, Startup Funding, Mergers/Takeovers, Sales of Startups, Startup Valuation, Time to Enter into Public Limited Company, Time Taken to Become $1 billion Company, etc. Other emerging areas of research include Innovative Skills, Unique Innovation Came out of the Startup, Uniqueness of the Products, Entrepreneurs Distinction and the Diversity of Skill Set of the Entrepreneur, Diversity of Knowledge of the Entrepreneur, Skill Diversity in Entrepreneurial Team, Vendor Diversity, Quality of Partner Network, and Startup Success. Thus, Entrepreneurship Research is getting broader day by day contributing and becoming input to policy making, investment proposals, and inviting investors (FDI) and growth of the Startups.

Hope This Helps.

Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar


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