I did a research study on Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for offshore software development projects based on literature review, secondary research and reference count techniques of various factors. The collected literature is from scholarly journals/conferences such as Project Management Journal, International Journal of Project Management, Journal of Information Technology Management, MIS Quarterly and Journal of Global Information Technology Management, etc.

 Research Question: I started with research questions such as What are the CSFs for offshore software development projects? What are the important categories of CSFs critical for offshore software projects?, What is the conceptual model of offshore software development project success?

The Research Approach: Based on literature review of collected 46 journal articles, 75 success factors impacting offshore software projects have been identified. These 75 success factors are segregated into 10 categories of success factors. Later 20 CSFs are derived by picking 2 success factors from each of 10 categories of factors based on reference count of specific factor in literature. Further, top-6 CSFs with highest reference count have been identified as CSFs for offshore software projects. Similarly, the categories of CSFs having respective cumulative reference counts are arranged in decreasing order of reference count. Finally top-4 categories of CSFs impacting success of offshore software projects have been identified.

The Conceptual Model: The conceptual model designed consists of the factors such as Cultural Factors, Language Factors, Time zone Factors, Organizational Factors and Environmental Factors impacting Communication Factors; which in turn effects factors such as Technology Transfer Factors, Knowledge Transfer Factors, Project Factors, and Team Factors; finally impacting offshore software Project Success.

Research Findings: Following are critical for offshore software development project’s success (in highest to lowest priority):

Sl.No. Top-6 CSFs for Offshore Software Projects  Sl.No. Top-4 Important CSF Categories Critical for Offshore Project Success
1. Trust 1. Organizational Factors
2. Effective Communication 2. Project Factors
3. Cultural Understanding 3. Cultural Factors
4. Relationship Between Client and Vendor 4. Environmental Factors
5. Contract Type
6. Efficient Knowledge Transfer

 Implications for Industry: Specifically for industry, Contract type can impact the offshore software project success. Also trust building is most important for customer and vendor in case of offshore projects. This is very much true when we are executing software projects involving several countries/geographic locations.

To Explore More: Sudhakar, G.P.  (2013), “A Review of Critical Success Factors for Offshore Software Development Projects”, Organizacija (Organization: Journal of Management, Informatics and Human Resources), Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovania, (Versita), Vol. 46, No. 6, pp. 282-296, ISSN: 1581-1832. (Impact Factor: 0.202)

Download Link (free): http://www.gpsudhakar.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Organizacija%20-%20G.P.Sudhakar.pdf

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Dr.Goparaju Purna Sudhakar

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