Indian IT Industry and Software Product Development


PowerPoint Presentation Title:  Indian IT Industry and Software Product Development

Year of Publication: 2018

No. of Slides/Pages:  57  (fifty seven pages)

Abstract:  This PPT discusses Overview of Indian IT Industry, Essence of Software Projects, Software Product Development and Software Product Testing.

  1. Overview of Indian IT Industry provides an industry snapshot, Indian IT Industry sectors, Indian software industry players, Global Hardware Manufacturers, Global Product Development Companies, Global Software Services Firms, Indian Software Business Houses, Well Known Software Products from India, and Software Organizations Working Models.
  2. Essence of Software Projects discusses Standish Group CHAOS Report, defines project, characteristics of projects, examples of projects, reasons for project failures, characteristics of software projects, product development stages, software development activities, some reported failed IT projects, and contents of a project report.
  3. Software Product Development discusses product strategy, software architecture levels, product line, product roadmap, common platform development, product’s individual project development, product configuration management, product building and product installer preparation.
  4. Software Product Testing covers product testing strategies, different types of testing, test plan contents, unit testing, prerequisites for system testing, product test management, life cycle of a bug, product test metrics, severity and priority of bugs and product test automaton tools.

File Format: Microsoft PPT

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