Human Resource Information Systems – Introduction


PowerPoint Presentation Title:  Human Resource Information Systems – Introduction

Year of Publication: 2019

No. of Slides:  56  (Fifty six slides)

Abstract:  This PPT describes Introduction to HRIS, HRIS Challenges, HRIS Models, Designing HRIS and Introduction to Computers;

i) Introduction to HRIS: discusses human resources and defines HRMS; history of human resource systems, components of HRIS, information needed by HR professionals, Characteristics of Successful HRIS, advantages of automating human resources, goals of HRMS, reasons for failure of HRMS, and HRMS development phases.

ii) HRIS Challenges: discusses the challenges in implementation of HRIS and couple of examples/case studies;

iii) HRIS Models: such as multinational, international, etc are mentioned;

iv) Designing HRIS: discusses HRIS design team, HRIS design process, database design aspects for HRIS, data organization, keys, HRIS design specifications, etc;

v) Introduction to Computers: discusses hardware and software developments and different generations of programming languages;

File Format: Microsoft PPT

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